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Middle of Everything and Nothing

I just sat down and tried to take a professional personality test and guess what? I might be more confused than ever but validated at the same time. Are you mixed up yet cause I sure am. Let me try … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I just added a page of quotes that I find interesting, positive, motivational or just want to share. I will be updating the page pretty often with new quotes that I find. Other than that, Im cleaning house while listening … Continue reading

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Making Some Changes

And Im back. I have said it before but this time I am going to put my all into completing the transformation in my life, health, wealth and relationships included. Im going to start posting songs that I feel are … Continue reading

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In Rememberance of my Pops

Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of my father’s birth. I just wanted to put a voice to some thoughts that I have of the man that he was and that we miss. I know that he touched many lives through … Continue reading

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Education Rant

Alrighty, its been 2 weeks and I thought it was time to get the think tank going again. Topic this time was broached when I reposted a status on Facebook that is as follows: I am a public employee. I … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Survival 2011

I have now officially made it through another year of the complete mess that is Valentine’s Day. My survival has caused me to bring up a few observations of the interaction between the two sexes. First off we will never … Continue reading

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