It’s Been a While

My writing has been stagnant for a while now for many reasons. Haven’t had positive things to write about. Haven’t been in the best frame of mind. Didn’t want to depress the people that do actually read my ramblings on here. But now I am just going to decide to rededicate myself to something that I enjoy doing. Writing what is floating around in my head.

The main idea that has been nagging at my consciousness recently is the oppressive negativity that I have been seeing, reading, hearing, watching, and just been exposed to. Now I am by no means someone that is positive to a fault but at the same time I don’t let others get me down. The only times that I am truly sad or disheartened is my own doing. It is knowing that I didn’t do something that I should of. Now that could me that I was lazy, I procrastinated, or I just might have forgotten, none of which are excuses.

Now what got me to thinking about this tonight was one subject in very different ways. Sports. As anyone that knows me, knows that sports takes up a vast majority of my life. I have played for many years. I worked in sports. I watch sports, I talk sports. Even my favorite video games are sports games. Now today I was watching sports and reading news about it also. I watched part of the Netherlands and Costa Rica World Cup game. I proceeded to then watch the Twins baseball game and then right into watching Bull Durham. The soccer game was fun to watch went to penalty kicks to decide a winner. The Twins game went into extra innings where they won on an error over the Yankees. And then the movie just made me think, which any good movie in my opinion should always do.

Anyone reading this might be thinking by now what does this have to do with negativity. Well the FIFA World Cup has been huge recently with me dedicating many hours of time into watching. There was the emergence of the USA team from the group stage against everyone’s predictions, some great performances by players that were surprises, early exits by teams that were favorites to compete to win. Also there has been huge negativity in the media, mainly from writers that make a living writing opinion pieces for newspapers and websites, about the team, players, coaches, officiating, people in charge of FIFA and many other topics. Some warranted, like the corruption in FIFA, but a lot of it is just to ruffle feathers and convince people to listen to what they have to say. I have read many articles that spin soccer as a non-American sport. My question is who cares? Who is a writer to tell me what I like and don’t like, and why I feel that way. Some of their points about the sport may be true but others are just the way they see it. Their opinions are old hat to anyone that has every tried to defend being a fan of soccer:
– the game is low scoring
– too much flopping
– too little action
– just run around the whole time
– etc.
My response is the same to just about every reason that someone ever gives for not liking a sport, “Its different when you know what is going on.” Now I know that that statement can be taken as being a little elitist but a majority of the time it is true. Plus just think about it for a second, how many things do you like that you don’t know what is going on? Most people, most humans don’t like being confused and if they don’t know a lot about a sport, that is exactly what they are, confused. What I am getting at is that it is easier for a person to say that they hate or dislike a sport than it is to take the time to try to understand what is going on.

Soccer, like so many other sports, isn’t just a bunch of guys on a field, kicking a ball around. But that isn’t the reason for the post today. Why? That is my question. Why does someone feel the need to convince others to hate something? Why does someone that doesn’t like a sport just choose not to watch or converse about the topic. If I don’t like something, I will just distance my self from it. I am not going to go out of my way to try to convince people that do like it to give it up. This view point, if taken and applied more worldly, could have a huge impact. But to take it a step further, my bigger question is why do we, as free thinking and educated people, still let others do our thinking for us?


Too many people in the world have very narrow views of the world that we live in. There are too many topics that people feel that everyone who doesn’t think the same way that they do, are just evil, sinful, wrong, hateful, etc. There is very little that is truly black or white in this world. (Come a long ways from a post about sports huh? 🙂 ) Why do we let other people tell us how we should think on topics when their reasoning could be faulty or not even their own reasons? Killing someone is wrong correct? Well what about self defense? Some people say that abortion is just as wrong and maybe even worse than murder is because it is an unborn child? Now without getting into my thoughts of it, I pose one question to you? What about a pregnancy due to non consensual sex?

The worst part of this entire post is that me even posting it, could and might ruffle some feathers. My views are entirely my own but my thing is that I never push my beliefs and view points on others. I may express them online so that if anyone wants to read them and have a conversation with me, they can. Why do people feel that it is okay to “persecute” someone due to their views? As someone that worked in and am trying to get back into the business world I am suppose to “act” a certain way and present myself a certain way so as to be more hire able. But most of the time I am just asking why people feel the way they do about topics. Rarely I present a topic and stand so argumentatively on one side or the other about it. I try not to ever post something that I feel would negatively impact my family and friends. Something that I post here should have no baring on my employability. Now I will say there might be sometimes that I will post something that could have been said better or just with better words but ultimately I feel that most of what I post is just to get people to think. I will take this moment to apologize to anyone that I might have offended to way I may have stated something in the past.

I consider my self pretty well educated but even I do make the occasional ignorant comment or make a comment in a disconsiderate way or terminology but I never do mean to disrespect anyone. The way I make comments is sometimes intended to affront people sometimes though. My goal like I have said many times through many different posts about different topics is shake up the WAY people think. And let me clarify again, the way people think, not how they feel on specific subjects.

Just take a second and reread that prior paragraph. Now I want to get in some touchy subjects and I want people to disregard what my stance is on certain topics but focus more on why I think the way that I do. And as a heads up, most of these topics are talked about on political shows and by policy makers daily, to tell us how we should think a certain way.

TOPIC 1: Marijuana Legalization
To answer the basic question, should it be legalized, yes I think it should. Now here is why. Taxes on minor recreational use like in Colorado and Washington would go a long ways to easing financial shortcomings in many different areas in the US. It would ease the burden on our corrections facilities for the real criminals in this world. There are many documented benefits in the medical world for using of weed also. Now do I think that weed is good. No. I think it is slightly better for you than other drugs that we have that are currently legal like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine to name a few. Oh so I must be a pot head because of the way I think right? Wrong. I am not going to lie, I have tried it a couple of times but it is not for me. Now does that mean that no one should have it. Absolutely not. Just because someone doesn’t like meat, should everyone become vegetarians? Ridiculous right? Just like alcohol though, you shouldn’t be under the influence while driving or working though.

TOPIC 2: Lesbian & Gay Rights
Equal rights across the board. Just like when women and blacks were fighting for equal rights, why are we still denying lesbians and gays? I just don’t get it. Back when it was okay to discriminate against women what was the reason? How about for any blacks? Now lets talk about their rights. Should I not be entitled to the same rights as my neighbor just because of my sexual orientation? How is that any different than my race or sex? I just don’t get what any negative there is to allowing same sex couples to file joint taxes, get married or even civil unions, adopt kids, be covered a spouse’s insurance, or do anything else that heterosexual couples can do legally. How does any of that affect me in my life? And who am I to decide that their preferences in the bedroom make them less of a human being than I am?

TOPIC 3: Abortion
Now this one for me is a little muddled. I don’t agree with abandoning a pregnancy by a couple that is in a relationship. At the same time I don’t agree with telling someone that they have to keep a child that is due to a rape or any unlawful act. I also don’t believe that I am in any position to tell someone else what they should do with their bodies. Now what I do think is that instead of this huge debate on abortion we should focus more on sexual education and awareness with younger people. Don’t teach abstinence, focus on sexual health through safe sex. Teach about contraceptives and educate about consequences. Teach kids about other alternatives to what happens when you don’t use protection. Options of adoption if you carry out the pregnancy, day after medication, and others that I am not even thinking of right now because I haven’t even been educated on many of them.

Now just to go back on each of those, I want everyone to focus on the why’s and not on the actual stance that I have. Basically like I will keep saying again and again, think for your self. Develop your own viewpoints, do your own research and reading, have a thought out reasoning behind why you are for or against things. I don’t mind if you don’t like soccer but help me understand why you don’t like it. Explain to me why you feel that your view is better than the next person’s or mine. I love intelligent conversations about any topics out there.

Now do I think that anything that I have written should affect the way that a potential employer sees me? I hope it does, in a positive way. I hope that I can find a boss or company that likes its employees to be free thinkers but know when and where to express those thoughts. Should we be talking about these topics while on the clock and in away that could show negatively on my company? Absolutely not. Now if I have cordial conversation or post something like this in a forum that has no connection to my job or potential job, should it affect me professionally, I don’t think it should. When did someone’s viewpoints become a companies concern? Now if I post something or say something that is racial, sexually, socially, or any other way insensitive or vulgar I do understand that it could than affect my employment as it should. But stated in a nonoffensive way, my views shouldn’t affect me professionally.

Soap box standing is now over for the evening. Now on to other topics. As always, I open to any conversation on my writing, views, or thinking, just remember, intelligent conversations. Ignorance need not apply.

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