Imagine an Imagination

Whatever you can imagine you can make happen. There are a lot of quotes in this world about imagination and the benefits that it provides. But in reality it is a term that most apply to children. In adults they tell you to visualize what you want. The words are pretty interchangeable but I want imagination to make a come back.

Lets look at what imagination can get us. No product in this world was made without some imagination. No invention came without imagining it first. No art, music, or movies. No video games. Nothing. To create something, you have to imagine it before you can make it. Actors have to use their imagination on a daily basis to see themselves in character. Name me a product or a job and I can find some way that a person’s imagination played a role.

My imagination, I feel, has been severely limited recently. My goal, my plan is to start using mine more often. I am imagining myself in the job and career that I want. I am happy with my health and my relationship. I am seeing a nice house, nice family, and smiles everywhere. I am going to make my images in my head a reality and will not quite until it is.

One last thing that I will leave everyone with for today is the following quote:
“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” by Seneca. This is a great philosophy to make use of in you life and how I plan on living going forward. My advancement and future is going to happen because I am fully prepared with the opportunity presents itself. 

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