Exploitation of Tragedy

Everyone knows about one tragedy that occurred yesterday, but how much attention is there for the tragedies that occur everyday? We, as humans, are ingrained with the ability and tendency to use situations to better our selves. We cannot seem to just acknowledge that something bad has happened and try to find a way so that it does not happen again.

The horrendous actions yesterday in Connecticut should not be a platform that some use for reform on unrelated issues. I have seen some people mention that maybe it is the results of violent video games. Some are saying maybe that it was movies and television that corrupted his mind. Others want to blame music for it. Some are saying that it had to be because of the parenting. Maybe guns shouldn’t be so readily available. Maybe automatic weapons should not be made. All of these maybes are clouding what should be the initial mourning for the loss of life, both young and old.

Some of the issues in play here should be talked about and fixed but right now we should let the authorities figure out as much about what happened personally to set these actions in motion. We as a society should not jump to conclusions or judgments. We need to let the families and friends mourn their losses and support their healing as best as we can.

I read how last night that ESPN was not allowing their “talent” to tweet about sports and to refrain from using terms that could be insensitive to the tragedy, but allowed the memo to go public somehow. ESPN should still be doing their jobs the same as everyone else today is that has to work. Acknowledge what happened but do not give it more attention than needed and let the non entertainment and sports networks report on the events and investigation. And internal notes and reactions should not be used to garner attention to your network. I am not saying that this is ESPN’s fault or that it isn’t, just saying that this shouldn’t be a story that got posted yesterday.

Through all of the news about Connecticut, another tragedy against children that is no less harrowing happened in China yesterday too. It took me until late last night to find out about what happened there and how a guy walked into a school and started stabbing adults and kids. Maybe the news here is focused just on the US, maybe it was because there was more loss in the Connecticut shooting, maybe it is the fact that it was a shooting rather than a stabbing, who knows, but we should still be made aware of world wide news and not just US news. People need to know that these horrible actions happen around the world and not just here. We are not the only country that has issues but we just focus on our own.

I don’t expect too many to actually read this, and hope that this topic (using the tragedy, not what happened itself) can fade quickly. Remembrance for those lost, help for those that need it, and mutual help for future protection for those that cannot protect themselves. 

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