Woe No More

I am done with the whole “Woe is me” phenomenon is the world today. No more looking for hand outs or help from others. I am taking the world by the short hairs and not letting anything or anyone stand in my way. I am going to start thinking and acting positively.

I will get into a Master’s program. I will find a great job that I love doing. I will use every opportunity that I have to help others. I will develop better relationships. I will better my health. I will remove distractions and detractors from my life.

I would say that this is “Day 1 of my new life” but that is a set up for failure. You must learn from past experiences and mistakes so as not to repeat them. I wouldn’t throw my old life away ever. I will find a better way to live and include the positives in my “old life” or else make them a positive in my life going forward. It isn’t a new life but the rest of my life.

My life is meant for more than what it currently is. I will see more of the world. I will experience more culture. Right now I feel like my focus has gone from what is right in front of me to being able to see the world and more.

I am going to find something that stirs a passion and a fervor in me that I will strive for. I will find my own “carrot” to dangle in front of me that gets me off of my ass in the morning.

And if anyone finds me getting negative on here, disappointed, down trodden, or in any other way depressed, remind me that the sun will rise tomorrow no matter what happened today. Like wise always remember that any day that you are breathing is better than the alternative. Improve even one small thing a day and your day should be a success. Any day getting better is a day better than before. (I don’t know if that is original or something that I have heard before)Image


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