Middle of Everything and Nothing

I just sat down and tried to take a professional personality test and guess what? I might be more confused than ever but validated at the same time. Are you mixed up yet cause I sure am. Let me try to explain it to anyone that might care.

I have always felt that I don’t fit into any prototypical personality filters. Im not saying that I am any more special than anyone else out there. I grew up with a very vivid imagination and love fantasy novels and movies. I love music, art, and creativity. I am more outgoing now than when I was younger but am still not one to start a conversation most of the time. I don’t have problems speaking to people but don’t know how to start a conversation either.

At the same time as all of this is going on though, I am a person who analyzes everything. As a kid I would see myself become a pro athlete but my favorite part of their trading cards were the stats and facts about the people. I loved getting lost in the numbers in a video game not just on winning. I grew up doing logic puzzles as most kids were coloring. I changed my major in community college from Architecture to Business. I write a sports blog from a fan’s perspective (emotional) and use lots of stats (analytic) to support my claims.

The results of my personality test I feel are skewed because how am I supposed to answer? I was taught to do and think one way in a professional setting but personally feel another way socially. Some examples of what I mean.
After a hard day at work would you rather go home and relax or go out with friends to unwind? You are supposed to choose one but I do both. I often would prefer to go home and relax but end up out with friends.
What’s more important to you common sense or originality? 
Yes? A successful person needs to have common sense and use their originality to diagnose problems and possible solutions in a situation.
What’s more important comfort and security or risk and adventure?
Again both. I want a job that I like and feel secure in but doing the same thing, day in and day out, I will get bored of. I need true problem solving. I need some creativity but some security with in it.

I understand that these questions are meant to be answered with how best describes you or which is closer to your thoughts. But I have a mind that can be open minded but structured. I am going to list my results and see if you agree:

Extrovert – 
Strengths are works well in groups or teams (yes), interact well with others (don’t have any enemies), people enjoy being around them (would guess my friends enjoy me), can be persuasive and convincing (yes), make good salespersons or leaders (if I believe in the item/cause). Weaknesses are hard time concentrating over long periods of time (never been an issue and quite often I concentrate and think on subjects too long), and rely on group and interpersonal interaction for motivation and affirmation (yes and no, its nice to know  but not required for me).

Sensor vs. Intuitive
It says that I am 70% sensor in that I prefer specific solutions and keep my feet firmly on the ground. I prefer fact gathering and experiences that tactile, actual, and real. Described as patient, careful, practical, realistic, diligent, and precise.Strengths of honing my skills, hands on activities solving tangible problems, focused and great attention to detail. Weak at being creative, imaginative, artistic, and forgetful of the bigger picture. I disagree in that and say that I like to be prepared in facts in most situations and like info but have had great success with gut instincts and creating new solutions.

Thinkers vs. Feelers and Judgers vs. Perceivers
My result was 67% for thinker and 60% for judger here. I view myself as someone that prefers the harsh truth over a sugary lie that will hurt you later. I personally think these 2 go hand in hand to me but yet they don’t either. I think the average person that is a thinker is a judger or a feeler and perceiver. It says that thinks are analytic fact gatherers with their feet firmly on the ground and judgers are decisive and “control freakish”. Feelers like harmony and take others’ feelings in to consideration and that perceivers are more spontaneous, flexible, and tolerant. Is there a reason that I can’t take in all the quantitative facts into making a decision and consider peoples’ feeling into it also? Can I not be decisive without being tolerant? Or how about decide on a course of action that makes more sense but defer the final decision to someone else in non critical matters? I can take experience and facts from previous situations and apply them to current situations but still be cognizant of others’ feelings.

Overall I think our society is too hung up on labeling people. We aren’t objects that can be categorized. I shouldn’t have to answer a questionnaire that rates and evaluates me before someone looks at my resume. Whatever happened to having those certain personal qualities that draw people together? Very few interviews have gone poorly for me because I am personable once I get going but I have to get the chance to do that. When I get the chance to get my foot in the door I am to force my way in and make sure that person wasn’t hurt in the process. Who says you should only be all business or all creative but no where in between. 

My results said that I should be a manager of just about anything which is great unless you can’t get the experience to work your way up. Im too tired of being over qualified and under utilized where I am but can’t find an opportunity to utilize the qualities that I posses. I just don’t know if the metaphor that I need is a helping hand or a crack in the door. Until I get either I will keep searching and adapting while keeping my hopes high that I will find an opportunity that I will thrive at.

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