Bad Start

Hey at least the Twins can only get better right fans? No seriously, not 1 lead in the first 4 games and the first one they get Pavano gives it up the next inning. Yes we had some timely late inning hitting from Parmelee and Carroll but this is inexcusable. We were the last team to win a game but did so in the 5 game, which does equal Atlanta’s futility also. We have had 4 different lineups in 5 games if you exclude the pitchers. The closer to the Angels series is about to start and just had to get this out there.

Thank god for Josh Willingham so far this season. 3 hrs and 6 rbis and 3 other hits in there also. Before last night’s breakout the Twins had 6 runs on 20 hits in 4 games. I only have one word to describe that and it is ANEMIC. Thankfully Jamey Carroll broke out for his first 2 hits in a Twins uni and Parmelee with the late 2 run triple. Also the defense held up enough not to let them take back the lead again late. Even with our “onslaught” of runs and hits, the team batting average is still a paltry .190 and we have the fewest hits in all of MLB going into today. This has got to change. I know that we have never really been a hugely offensive team but with our pitching, we have to start being better to make up for it.

Pitching has been horrendous so far. Last night I heard Burt I think say that something to the fact of outside of a couple of pitches that he thought Pavano had a pitched well. Lets take a look at his line from last night: 6.2 ip, 7 h, 5 r, 5 er, 3 so, 1 hr
How is that a good line? Our pitchers cannot always expect our offense to cover 5 runs given up. Our starters so far have given up 16 runs in 5 starts. How can we win with that? We are always playing from behind. The era is above 5 but the batting average against is not as high as some and the whip (walks plus hits per inning pitched) isn’t bad either. So what that tells me is that we have given up more than just hits, but multi-base hits. Our defense hasn’t been atrocious, so it all comes back to the pitching. Our best starter so far has been Anthony Swarzak who was pushed into a spot start for Liam Hendricks last week.

Last thing before I go watch the game today to close out the Angels series is that my thoughts and prayers go out to Scott Baker and his family. Baker is getting ready to go under the knife and will be out for the season to repair a tendon in his elbow. It is the same problem that he had last year that made him miss the second half of the season. That is all for now. LET’S GO TWINS

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