Making Some Changes

And Im back. I have said it before but this time I am going to put my all into completing the transformation in my life, health, wealth and relationships included. Im going to start posting songs that I feel are inspirational and positive and if I can I will include the videos for them and the lyrics too. Now just to cover legal basis, I don’t own the rights to these songs in any way and have no plan to make any money off of the sale of said songs. They are just songs that I like and want to help demonstrate my thoughts and feelings.

My first song, I feel, says exactly what I am going to try to do. It is Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

I am going to make this change in myself starting today. I will get up and do workouts and swim before workout to try and get to my goal of getting back to around 185 (Im currently 225). I will put more effort into searching for a new job, one that hopefully will be a career starter for me. I am going to cut back on soda and alcohol so as to make myself more productive and to help get back into shape. I will start going to bed at a better time so I don’t sleep so late. I will take better care of my house and everything that includes. I am going to make a change and I am starting with the man in the mirror. Hopefully those of you out there that don’t like where you are at in your life or hate the situation that you are in, you can make that change too. You just have to want something better for your self and go for it. Good luck to everyone out there and have a nice weekend.

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