Working Experience

By now everyone knows that the economy is struggling here in the US right? My question is why is it so hard for the gorvernment to come up with feasible ideas to fix it?

My background in the working world is as follows:
3 years at Blockbuster as a customer service rep
1.5 years as an office assistant in a lumber yard office
2 seasons as an intern in Minor League Baseball
2 years as a high school Business Ed teacher
4 years as a swim coach

Now with that type of experience you would think that I could find something? With all of that and a Bachelor’s in Business Management, I still have HR people telling me I don’t hae the experience needed in field to land an entry level position. I am just baffled as to how I am supposed to get experience in a given field if I can’t get the lowest position possible? Now this is where I hinting at the beginning.

Maybe it is an institutional trend or a socital trend but I think that this trend of requiring prior experience to land an entry position is helping hurt the economy (and no I’m not just saying that because it affects me). Think about it this way, what is a recent grad supposed to do to pay back his student loans? Some say that is what internships are for but don’t realize that many are unpaid ones or below minimun wage if they do pay. But that is how you get experience though. What if you realize after the internship that that field is not where you want to be or you just don’t get hired because of too few positions and too many applicants? Am I then supposed to try another internship but in a different field or company? Or do I try to apply for those lowest level positions and compete against people with prior experience?

This all leads me to an idea that I have had for a while now. I would rather train a new hire with no prior experience than to have to train someone by breaking the training of their previous job and retraining them in mine. Not even to think about the reason that they are applying for another position already. Did they not get along with their boss? Did they not follow directions? Could they not handle the work or work atmosphere? I personally would rather take a recent graduate than someone that has 3-5 years experience at 1-2 prior jobs. They tend to be more eager and able to learn and adapt to your company culture and industry because they are still fresh out of school and still learning.

Here is where some might say, “But what if that is the reason they aren’t hiring you now? Because you have to little experience in multiple jobs and companies in so short of a time.” I haven’t heard “we just don’t like your work history” or something along those lines. All that I have heard is “You just don’t have the experience that we are looking for right now.” I am just left wondering how I am supposed to earn the said experience?

That is all from the view point of someone that is still trying to make it in the world. Another view on something that is wrong is that I have talked to many friends and aquaintances to understand something else. What is happening to people that get “downsized” or “restructured” out of a job with 5 years of experience ? They must apply for the same job that they would have been applying to 5 years ago but for less money. These people are basically being told that the last 5 years of your life were meaningless and just something to list on your next application or resume.

Something needs to change because things are way out of whack right now. To last a first time, career like job you need to know someone to give you a break, have insane luck to catch that break or work almost like slave labor until you have enough relevant exerience. Now does this fall to the government to change or do we count on the companies to do it? I guess we wait on the companies or more importantly the people in charge of hiring cause we shouldn’t expect or government to step in, no should we want them too.

I am just a soon to be 28 year old who is stuck in a job with no future, making an hourly wage that doesn’t cover all of my bills, and has no benefits but has “irrelevant” experience and a 4 year degree that seems pretty worthless so far. That is where most employers would stop reading but what they will miss is the fact that I am driven by the need to do something with my life. I have ambition with the ability to learn quickly on the job. Am a great team player while still being able to work solo, thirsty for knowledge, and ready to go wherever needed.

I will succeed once I receive the opportunity to try. I refuse to lose at life. I will embrace life and make the best of what I have while striving for bigger and better. I am looking out for myself and any job that helps me better myself.

Have fun and good luck job hunting to those that are.


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