Going Political

Okay I have been trying to become more knowledgable in the political happenings of this world and country. I have watched commentary about the shutdown, the different “Operations” that we are involved in and about the social ideals that are being battled over. I have sought out as unbiased of sources as I can to do this also (easier said than done). One conclusion comes to mind: our system is royally screwed up. The following are my opinions and thoughts and dont represent anyone or anything else and intelligent discussions are encouraged.

First let me get started with the economy. There are issues all over the place and there is no one thing that will cure it all. Let’s look at our country as a business. What happens when a business spends more than they earn on a yearly basis? That business usually fails or has to get bailed out. It wouldn’t be a problem except that we are a country that can’t really bail its self out of trouble. Many politicos in DC are saying that we need to limit spending by cutting tons of unneeded programs like Planned Parenthood and the EPA and tons of school programs. Still others are saying that we don’t need to cut anything but just raise the revenue coming into the government. I have a novel idea, why don’t we do both? Limit the rampant overspending with no consequences for governmet agencies while taking out corporate tax loopholes that let’s big businesses make tons of money without paying a dime in taxes. GE made billions last year and got a rebate from the government. Slightly raising the taxes on the upper echelon of earners while actualy amking sure that the corporations that are based in the US pay taxes to the US. There shouldn’t be talk of cutting public health programs like Planned Parenthood and the EPA. The “right” want PP cut by saying that it funds abortion but what are the people who use PP to control pregnancies supposed to do without it? (Other than the obvious of not having unprotected sex) This country needs somone who can limit spending and increase government revenue and not someone that will only do one or the other.

My next topic of contention is about the different conflicts that the US is involved in. We should be done with Iraq for the most part. I heard a story over the weekend where the US still has troops in Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and others that total in the 100,000s easily. Those wars have been over for decades. At this pace we will never pull all of our troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. And people wonder why our budget for defense is one of our biggest expenses. Is there any reason that we cannot let the United Nations do their jobs. Seriously if they will not step into these conflicts and resolve them, then what the hell was it organized for in the first place. I didn’t know that the US is the police for the world. This part partially ties in with the economy also in that if we could pull most of, if not all of, our troops back home then we wouldn’t have to worry about if there was enough money to pay all of them and still reduce the spending on defense.

The last thing that I’m really going to talk about is the social topics that are being brought up. About Obama and where he was born I say so what. If he proved it without enough doubt to keep him from running in the first place its too late now. I mean honestly how can he have run for presidency and won and then we decide to check his birth cerificate. Next people are still in opposition about both abortion and gay rights. I say if gays feel like they are secure enough in their relationship to get married let them. I firmly believe that our kids are so open to homosexuality now that most don’t really care anymore, they see it on tv, in the movies, in books and music and just about everywhere else that they are numb to it. I will say that I am just as repulsed from a traditional couple (mf) making out in public as I am by a same sex couple. As for abortion I believe when should have the right to choose but personally I could never suggest it for a couple, only for criminal pregnancies like rape and incest.

I believe in my reasons and will stand by my thinking. Like I said earlier I am fully open minded and will welcome any and all discussion on these topics and any others that people want to discuss.

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One Response to Going Political

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello there, I must say that I enjoy your posts. I can agree with you, we definitely need to limit our spending and such things. I don’t know if you’re familiar with The Federal Reserve or not, but they control our governments $$. The Federal Reserve, is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a privately owned bank, it is NOT controlled by our government. I think that Americans need to be informed about the corrupt things going on INSIDE of our government, before we can start changing ANYTHING.

    Keep on sharing your words. Great posts.



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