In Rememberance of my Pops

Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of my father’s birth. I just wanted to put a voice to some thoughts that I have of the man that he was and that we miss. I know that he touched many lives through teaching and coaching but more importantly by just doing what he did best, talking. He was the type that would make friends on a day cruise to the Bahamas.

My father was not fully appreciated by me until it was too late, the story of my life it seems. I count myself blessed to be a part of his life and that I had a chance to talk to him the night before he passed. The worst part was that he had to threaten driving an hour and a half to come to Orlando (I had just moved to go to UCF) to see me, so I called and talked to him for about an hour that night. The next morning I awoke to three or four missed calls and two voicemails on my cell and just knew that something was not right. It took about three hours after I got the bad news for me to even realize what the date was, it was the 2nd Anniversary of 9/11.

But enough of the depressing shit as he would say. He was a man that always looked to make you a better person. He is the reason that I have never had to throw a real punch at someone with malicious intent. He taught me that fightning rarely solves anything and usually causes more problems but if someone ever swings on me, that I would have his full blessing to whup some serious ass. He showed me how to treat a lady and how to be a gentleman in many different ways. He showed me how to throw a baseball, swing a bat and a club, how to throw a football and so many more things that I could never possibly name them all. Without my father, I would never have developed into the man that I am today or will continue to develop into tomorrow. Yes my mother and brother helped with molding me and so has everyone in my life now and before but today is all about him.

Pops was so kind hearted that he was adamant that I put off working for as long as I possibly could. I didn’t get my first job until I was 18. He didn’t want me to work when I first moved to UCF either, saying that he would help me pay for anything outside of school as long as I kept my scholarship. My father picked the place that I moved into, gave me the old family truck for transportation and just did everything that he could to help the transition from living at home to going off to a university.

I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if he hadn’t passed in that first month away from home. I beat myself up for a long while that maybe if I had just stayed home, if I hadn’t moved away, that he would still be here. My nieces would have got to know their biological grandfather. Wonder how I would have kept developing as a man with his direct guidance. Wonder if I would already be married with children of my own too. But this what if game just serves to focus on his passing and not what I would like to think he would want us to remember, his life, which I try to do on a daily basis. I still find myself missing him more this time of year even more every year. I find it harder to remember specific memories as vividly as I used to. Harder to remember the huge embrace that he would give you or the stern look and words when warranted. I am just finding it just overly difficult remember life and not just his death.

With all of this though, I would like to think that my father would tell me to get off of my lazy and mopey ass and start getting things done. Get the house and back porch in shape. Make a job opening happen for you. To stop sitting on the bench when it comes to the ladies. Get my finances in order. He would help me to find that passion that drives me in my life and puts a smile on face. To find that job that is not work but a fun way to earn a living. He most definitely call me on any bullshit and lies that I tell myself. Overall he would just help round out and finish the sculpting of my life and personality.

In the end, I just wanted to post one of entries entirely devoted to my father. Remember him and his ways, his outlook on life and people and just enjoy life for what it is, the present. To anyone that he made an impact on during his stay on this planet that wants to post some type of memory or just a thinking about you type message feel free. Just know that he made all of us better, even just a little, and that not a day goes by that I don’t think about him in some way or another. I miss you dad and know that some day we will see each other again.

Rest In Peace
Stephen Frederick Moberg
March 3, 1954 – September 11, 2003
Loving and missing you each and every day.

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