New Initiative and Musical Thoughts

Today I woke up from a good night’s sleep and decided that I needed to start getting more active. I was tired of being one of the millions, if not billions, of overweight people in this world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a self destructive body image like many out there, I just realize that I could use the loss of a couple of pounds.

To give you a bit of a back story on why I present some of my family’s medical history. My dad passed away of the blockage of arteries returning to his heart. His father, my grandfather, had a quadruple bi-pass surgery at around 50. My mom’s dad passed of heart problems before he was 60 and so did his father. I have multiple family members that are on or have been on heart medications of some sort that are not yet 60 or even 50. Throw in the fact that I am about 70 pounds heavier than I was when I graduated from high school 10 years ago. So with all of that said I am taking the initiative to start doing something active at least 4 times a week to begin with and will give up dates as I go (no matter how embarrassing they may be) with my thoughts at the time.

Today February 17th:
2 miles combination walking and jogging (wouldn’t call it running yet)
almost 40 minutes (I know really slow)
music selection Authority Zero (getting ready for beach season)
210 lbs

My insight of the day has to do with my musical addiction and how I satiate it a affordable way. I just recently found Amazon MP3 Downloader and its services even though I have had my phone with the application predownloaded on it since September. For years I have been using Apple’s iTunes and now I wonder why anyone would use the antiquated service especially since it is starting a subscription service. Most music services are migrating towards a combination streaming and subscription service that combines your personal music library with access to their licensed products. But I digress.

Amazon is offering music downloadable by single songs and entire albums. They offer deals based on what is going, for example a $5 deal for past Grammy winning artists and albums. Free music by new artists and even entire sampler albums that seem to be more accessible than iTunes’. Amazon also seems to have a larger selection (at least to me it seems that way) to purchase from and what they don’t offer by download, you could always purchase the physical CD to be delivered to your house also. The huge kicker to me though is the fact that none of the music seems to be restricted by format. I have been able to download 6 albums in less than 30 minutes and load them to my iTunes library (or you could use Windows Media Player if you prefer both) automatically and load them to my iPod and Samsung Epic phone (which is Droid OS). With just purchasing from iTunes, I couldn’t upload the music on my phone because of the proprietary AAC format that Apple uses in it’s store.

Some of you might see this as a way to get music that is DRM free to share with your friends but that is not what I am suggesting here at all. I only mentioned the restriction free files to illustrate the ability to load the music that I PURCHASE on to more than one device that I own.


I support the musicians that I like and suggest everyone do so. If we don’t purchase their music they will not produce more of it for my enjoyment. I know that this thinking is antiquated in my generation and especially in the next one but none the less its the way I think. Maybe I am biased because I have a struggling musician as a roommate and friends that have tried and are trying to make it in the musical industry but so what. Okay I’m getting off of my soapbox for the day with one last thought:


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