Video Games

I’m going to continue with talking aout technology and this time its all about the game and systems.

First off why are U.S. consumers so stupid? America is the only place where the 360 is leading. Are we that neive or just that cheap? The 360 is a inferrior product. To those that say it isn’t compare some of the specs for each and there is a huge disparity just by saying Blu-Ray. Most people that I talk to say that the BR drive isn’t worth it. The PS3 will play high definition movies or up-convert non-HD movies, streams Netflix, Hulu and Vudu, has programs to display pictures in more than just a slideshow and online is no extra charge but has a premium version that just gives you early access to Beta tests and exclusive media content and access to some games. Until recently you would have to purchase a wireless antenea for the 360, you would have to purchase a 360 special hard drive to upgrade it, have to pay to play any game online but everyone just would say it has more games. Okay I’m done being a Sony fanboy as some would call me.

Now for the games that I play. I mostly play sports games, racers and some action/adventure games. I just recently started playing some shooters and just don’t undersand the rampant fascination with the Call of Duty games. They are populated with a ton of kids, teens and kids that just annoy the piss out of regular gamers. They will camp you to death, use any exploit tha hasn’t been fixed and just are not pleasent people to play against. Black Ops is my first foray into this series and it reminds me of when I used to play Halo with my roomies in college, frustraightingly repetitive.

My newest addiction in gaming is a PS3 and PC exclusive in DC Universe Online. The best way to describe the game is like World of Warcraft but with comic book characters and set in modern time. You get to make your own character and choose from about 8 different “powers”, 3 ways to move around the world, 3 good mentors and 3 evil mentors and the choice to play PvE (where good and evil can’t fight) and PvP (where they can). You can level up your powers and characteristics and can play as multiple characters (on different servers) on one subscription. Now about the only negatives that I can really think of are the price of the subscriptions ($15 for 1 month all of the way to about $135 for 1 year) and there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out like connecting and balance btween characters. Overall though it is a blast to play and sees to be selling pretty well so far.

I’m still playing NCAA Football 11 and FIFA 11 a lot cause I just love sports games. The thing is that NCAA still has a lot that they need to fix and change but I don’t see it coming anytime soona nd most of the players just kind of accept the faults that EA has. I will go into depth on both theses gamesz at a later date when I have moretime to get into as much depth as I can about them.

And on to the new craze in gaming in the new motion controlls for both sytems, Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move. The best way to think of Move is the Nitendo Wii but with quicker response and great range of motion. The Kinect is being advertised as using yourself s the controller and being able to scan things into the game (like a skateboard for the next Tony Hawk game). The thing that I just don’t understand is how it will work with sports games like the 2 that I am currently playing. How will you be able to run around on the sports fields or how will it detect finess on passes in football and futbol both. There will be some games that will always require controllers of some sorts.

Okie dokie I think that I have put eough into this post. If I keep up this habit of epiccally long entrys then I will never get consistant readers. Until next tim stay positive.

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