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Nothing else just a wow. I just finished watching the presser from Sony at yesterday’s CES keynote and that is the only description that I could come up with. I will admit that I absolutely love new technology and the applications that it could be used for but Sony blew my mind.

Personal videos and pictures in 3D, viewable without glasses on. Your entire music collection on the cloud system and synced from your computer to your internet ready tv, your PS3 and your phone (when released). Buying a digital copy of a movie once and having it viewable on all of those devices also. Take a video in 3D, upload it to your blog, Facebook, any other social media and then project it up to 5 feet wide in your home. A 24/7 3D channel that is partnered with Discovery. A new phone that was just announced through their SonyEricsson division for mobile devices.

All of that was just the announcements from 1 company for the planned release over the next fiscal year. That is not to mention all of the little gadgets that are coming out from different companies. I just saw pictures of a new car model from the all electric Tesla Motors that looks absolutely gorgeous. Also an interview with Ford about their keynote speech and the coming reveal of an all electric Ford Focus with a ton of built-in apps for usability, like a navigation device with automatic updates for all charging sites in the area.

For all of you techno geeks like me, hit up your favorite news sites, company sites or blogs for all of the info. For those of you less savy or who don’t have favorites I will list a couple for you:
Sony’s Keynote video is here
CES Official Site

Now I am going to re-immerse myself into the CES news until I have to go to work again.

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