Just an Intro

This is going to be my place to air fun, frustrations and just general likes, dislikes and everything in between. I am 27 years young, with a college education and great parents that instilled values. Born in Fargo, North Dakota but raised in sunny South Florida. Grew up surrounded by the big city feel but would visit the small town America culture every summer. Played sports my whole life but also am a self-admitted geek. I love books, movies, games and music (pretty much anything that is entertaining).

This blog is where I will talk about entertainment, sports, society, politics, technology and anything else that I deem worthy to address. Topics like hot new cds (yes I still buy them and own near 300), awful movies, video games (PS3 trashes the 360), my favorite sports teams, pop culture, problems with our country, hottest new tech products and who knows what else. You guys will get to know me, what I think about topics and why I think about them. I am open to discussion on my views and pride my self on being pretty open minded. In reality this is more than likely just going to by personal rant page because no one will read it. đŸ™‚ Either way nice meeting you and talk to you soon.

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